How to Kit Out a Small Apartment

small apartment Image Source My memories of living in the few big cities that I have graced with my presence are of small apartments or shared houses where space is often at a premium. It is interesting to see the psychological effects that a person’s living space can have on them. As an interior designer I am often amazed by how having lots of space tends to make some people obsessed with filling every nook and cranny ... More

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5 Tips on How to Declutter Your Kitchen

The following is a guest post from Andrew Odom on how to declutter your kitchen. Take it away Andrew!  I grew up in a kitchen where social status was measured in tupperware containers; the more you had, the better cook you were. My mother never met a Pyrex she didn't like. Later in life I went to work at my aunt's gourmet kitchen supply store eventually developing my own love for ... More

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Organizing Giveaway Project Submissions

A few weeks ago we announced the Get Organized Giveaway and asked you to send us your organization projects. Here's just a few of the entries we've gotten so far. Jan took on a craft room redo after getting tired of not being able to find her punches that no longer fit in one basket, while having piles of beautiful paper scattered, and constantly moving stamp sets that didn't have a home. craft room organization projectMore

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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ideas

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox IdeasOperation Christmas Child shoebox ideas can be one of the most challenging and exciting parts about packing a shoe box for the Samaritan's Purse holiday project. This heartwarming activity brings joy to children throughout the world each holiday season and now is a great time to start thinking about it. You don't have to spend a lot on filling these plastic shoe boxes. Coming up with Operation ... More

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4 Ways to Add Wine Storage to Your Space Without Adding a Wine Cellar

Wine Storage -Wine CellarDo you have a wine cellar in our house where you can store the hundreds of bottles of wine you’ve collected from all over the world? If you answered, “What are you, crazy? Of course not!” then you’re in the right place. For those of us who don’t have the space for a wine cellar (or the need to store hundreds of bottles of wine) we need to ... More

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Going Paperless at Home – Putting the FREE back in Paper Free

The following is a guest post from blogger Andrew Odom about going paperless at home. The Odoms are building a 200 sq ft home and redefining a person's true needs and cutting back on "stuff."  Thank you Andrew for your organizing insight! THE ISSUE There are a number of reasons to go paperless at home. For years, all kinds of companies - banks, utility companies, insurance companies, and even cab ... More

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Get Organized & Win

Attention all organizing fanatics! Space Savers is clearing out our warehouse to make room for new inventory & you can win some of these soon-to-be-gone items featured below. The rules are simple and the reward is sweet. Multiple winners so please don't be shy! get organized giveaway prize packs How to Enter:

  • Take a picture of your latest organizing project
  • Email the picture(s) & a quick summary (500 words or less) to
  • Make sure
... More

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Linen Closet Organization – Before & After

Before and After ProjectWhen I first moved into my home, I was amazed at how much storage there was. Several closets, built-ins, and cupboards made us feel that, as newlyweds, we’d never be able to fill all of that space. Well, as my grandma always says, never say never. In five short years, we’ve accumulated more stuff than we ever thought possible. My dear (and slightly obsessive-compulsive) friend gave me the ... More

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Air Drying Clothes – Money Saving Options

Air Drying Clothes - Why do it? The benefits of air drying clothes are legion - if you want to go green, it's an easy, low-investment cost way to start saving energy right off the bat. Plus, it's good for your clothes; while an electric or gas dryer is super convenient for quick drying, it's also hard on your clothes. (Where does the dryer lint that's building up to a fire ... More

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Trash & Recycling Containers Re-work: Before & After Project

Under the sink - new location for trash & recycling storageI don’t know what’s harder. Juggling the overflow of toxic chemicals and garbage that spill from beneath my sink when I open the cupboards or wrestling with the unstable bag of recycling tacked to the wall above the steps of my basement. Trash & recycling containers have not been winners in my past. Both areas make me feel like I’m just ... More

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