5 Tips for Organizing Receipts for Taxes

Cash receipts and till slips Was your tax preparation a nightmare this year? If your current organization system is a shoe box full of receipts, it’s time to make a change. Save yourself the hassle and worry next year with these 5 easy tips for storing and organizing receipts for taxes. 1. Out with the old. How long should you keep old tax records? That depends on how you paid your taxes and ... More

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Spring Cleaning Tips, Part 1

SS cluttered deskIt’s almost spring, which means it’s almost time for spring cleaning. Don’t let your dreaded reorganization projects overwhelm you. It’s easy to get organized if you use a little creativity. Use these four tips as a starting point, and you'll be on your way to reclaiming those unorganized spaces. Start Fresh Let’s face it- we all have a lot of junk, and sometimes it’s more work to part with it than ... More

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Clear the Clutter: Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Every night it’s the same routine. Get home from work, scarf down your dinner… and spend 20 minutes looking for a lid to match the container for your leftovers. You don’t have time for that song and dance every night. Skip the search and salvage your sanity with these six tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets. Clear the cabinets. The first step in any reorganization project is to start fresh. Empty the contents of the cupboard and group similar pieces together. This ... More

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Give Winter the Boot: Storage and Cleaning Tips

3851446690_53e81f018cWinter boots are chic and cute, but keeping them looking nice all winter takes some preparation and care. 1. Keep Them Clean Suede or leather boots are the perfect combination of cozy and chic, a must-have for cooler-weather style. However, road salt, slush, and dirt can quickly collect on these types of surfaces if you don’t care for them properly. BEFORE: Use boot oil or polish on your leather boots and a spray protector on your ... More

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Minimize Your Medicine Cabinet

Organize the Contents of Your Medicine CabinetDo you ever worry that the urban myth that guests check out the contents of your medicine cabinet when they’re in your home is true?  Are there things in there that should have been disposed of months, or even years ago?  With a busy lifestyle, keeping track of the use by dates of items in your medicine cabinet is probably not at the top of ... More

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Beyond the Bin: 9 Toy Storage Ideas

legos-389x179 Between Santa, the grandparents, and aunts and uncles, your kids just received a landslide of toys as holiday gifts. Which is strange, because all you’ve heard from them for the last several weeks is, “We’re bored.” So, how can kids with a plethora of toys be bored? Two reasons:  they can’t find the pieces to their play sets or they are overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff.” If your kids are constantly ... More

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How to Kit Out a Small Apartment

small apartment Image Source My memories of living in the few big cities that I have graced with my presence are of small apartments or shared houses where space is often at a premium. It is interesting to see the psychological effects that a person’s living space can have on them. As an interior designer I am often amazed by how having lots of space tends to make some people obsessed with filling every nook and cranny ... More

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5 Tips on How to Declutter Your Kitchen

The following is a guest post from Andrew Odom on how to declutter your kitchen. Take it away Andrew!  I grew up in a kitchen where social status was measured in tupperware containers; the more you had, the better cook you were. My mother never met a Pyrex she didn't like. Later in life I went to work at my aunt's gourmet kitchen supply store eventually developing my own love for ... More

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Organizing Giveaway Project Submissions

A few weeks ago we announced the Get Organized Giveaway and asked you to send us your organization projects. Here's just a few of the entries we've gotten so far. Jan took on a craft room redo after getting tired of not being able to find her punches that no longer fit in one basket, while having piles of beautiful paper scattered, and constantly moving stamp sets that didn't have a home. craft room organization projectMore

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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ideas

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox IdeasOperation Christmas Child shoebox ideas can be one of the most challenging and exciting parts about packing a shoe box for the Samaritan's Purse holiday project. This heartwarming activity brings joy to children throughout the world each holiday season and now is a great time to start thinking about it. You don't have to spend a lot on filling these plastic shoe boxes. Coming up with Operation ... More

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