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Packing Up For School

I was finally able to organize my room the way I like it. It looks really nice now. But it’s that time of year again where I have to pack up all my stuff up for shool. This year I’m … Continue reading

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Food Storage is on Sale July 23nd through 29th!

Whether you are out on the road or staying close to home this Summer, keeping your food fresh is a big priority. Our entire selection of food storage containers will be 10% off from Wednesday, July 23rd through Tuesday, July 29th! No … Continue reading

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Going to College this Fall?

So you’re headed off to college this Fall?  Not sure what you need?  Worried you’re forgetting something?  You need to take a look at out Back to School College Checklist 2008.  You can download it to save or print it … Continue reading

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Tip: Space Bags Help in Emergency Planning

We just received a very insightful tip from one of our customers.  She purchased several Jumbo Space Bags and wrote saying she was going to “Hopefully use these to squish my sleeping bags for my earthquake kit”. What a great … Continue reading

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Living the "Green" Life

Growing up with a tree-hugging mother and a flower child step-mother, I was destined to learn the ways of the “environmental force”.   I do remember weekends being spent picking up aluminum cans along the sides of roads.  I learned at … Continue reading

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Tell Your Stuff to Take a Hike by Janice Russell

Lots of communication happens around our stuff. People indicate they love us by giving us stuff. We tell people to get their stuff out of the way. Having the right stuff helps us feel good about ourselves. Despite all of … Continue reading

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Moving with Small Children

Moving can be a stressful time for adults.  It is much more stressful for children. This can be a scary time for them.  Their whole world is being flipped upside-down.  Their familiar surroundiings are being packed away into boxes and … Continue reading

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Moving this Summer?

A lot of people choose summertime to relocate.  Most of the time, the kids are out of school, the weather is more cooperative, and aside from the heat, it just seems to be an all-around better time to move.  But … Continue reading

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