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Too Many Cords!!!

“I am not sure how it happens, but I have roughly 100 chargers in my home, none of which work on my phone, which is dead right now.” Sound familiar? Here is a hint on how to keep up with … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Jewelry Storage

Here is a tip from our Winston-Salem, North Carolina retail location: A mug tree is a cute and interesting option for storing necklaces and bracelets. The tree can be kept on your dresser or vanity as an eyecatching display. Your … Continue reading

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Q&A: Storing A Magazine Collection with Minimal Space

Question: I know latching onto back issues of magazines is a problem in itself and someday I hope to address that!  Meantime, I want to store them, but also have access to them.  I’d like to have some system that … Continue reading

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Q&A: A Teacher’s Call For Help With Endless Paperwork

Question: I am in desperate need of some organizing help for school work. Over the past 18 months and with a career change, I have become a part-time college English instructor typically teaching in 2-3 different schools simultanesouly. Within a semester, I have a ton of paperwork that I cannot seem to get my arms around. Continue reading

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