2011 Organizing Guide: Photo and Scrapbook Storage

Are you a crafter who is lucky enough to have a dedicated room, shelf or table for your craft projects? Do you find that your creative tools and materials manage to expand beyond the boundaries of the space you allotted for them? Ours certainly do, so we wanted to get right to the point this week and share our favorite solutions to get a home crafting space under control.

If you always have multiple craft or scrapbooking projects going at once our variety of project cases will keep everything together and out of the way when you’re not working on them. Plus, they travel well – so if you’re part of a scrapbooking group or you’re taking classes or attending seminars somewhere, these come in handy:

12x12 Scrapbook Paper Case by Iris12″ x 12″ Paper Project Case by Iris accommodates standard scrapbooking papers.
Iris 6 Case Scrapbook ChestScrapbook Chest – Six individual 12″ x 12″ project cases in a wheeled cart.
Slim Project Case by Iris8.5″ x 11″ Slim project case can slip in your tote bag with room to spare.
3 Tier Slim Project Case Holder by IRisThree Tier Slim Project Case Holder keeps multiple projects neatly stacked.

Scrapbooking paper is one of the trickiest items to store, but there are so many patterns to choose from it’s easy to see your collection explode. If you want to keep edges crisp and tear-free, a storage system is a must.

Handy Scrapbook Carrier by IrisHandy Scrapbook Carrier by Iris allows you to organize your papers in file folders.

Markers, stamps, stickers, punches, glues and all the other decorating elements can be hard to keep track of. Our Pro-Latch series of containers is great for compartmentalizing everything and maintaining order. For larger items or odd-size pieces, the plastic shoe box is a stand-by storage solution.

28 Compartment Pro-Latch Stowaway Bin28 Compartment Pro-Latch Stowaway Bin with move-able compartment walls.
Pro-Latch Deep Stowaway BinPro-Latch Deep Stowaway Bin holds larger items securely.
6 Quart Plastic Shoe Box by Sterilite6-quart Plastic Shoe Box from Sterilite is always a versatile storage option.

Do you still have photos from last year (or earlier) that need you want to work with for scrapbooking, photo albums or framing? Don’t take a chance that they’ll get damaged or lost. Acid free, archival photo keepers keep your prints organized and ready to grab whenever you have time for a project.

4x6 Photo Box by Iris4″x 6″ Iris Photo boxes keep prints organized safely in an acid free environment.
Photo Keeper by IrisIris Photo Keeper tidily stores six individual photo boxes (included).

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