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Linen Closet Organization – Before & After

When I first moved into my home, I was amazed at how much storage there was. Several closets, built-ins, and cupboards made us feel that, as newlyweds, we’d never be able to fill all of that space. Well, as my grandma always says, never say never. In five short years, we’ve accumulated more stuff than we ever thought possible. Read the before & after story. Continue reading

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Air Drying Clothes – Money Saving Options

Air Drying Clothes saves money – an average load of clothes dried in an electric dryer costs $.35-$.40 per load. An average load of clothes dried in a gas dryer is cheaper, at $.15 – $.20 per load. Air drying? Free if you already have a drying rack or clothes line. How many loads of laundry do you do per week? Are you seeing where you can justify your next mocha frappucino? Continue reading

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Trash & Recycling Containers Re-work: Before & After Project

I don’t know what’s harder. Juggling the overflow of toxic chemicals and garbage that spill from beneath my sink when I open the cupboards or wrestling with the unstable bag of recycling tacked to the wall above the steps of … Continue reading

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