6 Quick Fixes for Blah Closets

Nothing to WearWhen you have one of those mornings when you stand in front of your full closet thinking “I have nothing to wear” it’s more likely due to an organization issue than a lack of clothing options. Sometimes moving things around and shifting your perspective can make all the difference in the world. (Remember “Dead Poets Society“?) Use a few of the following ideas to shake things up and gain new perspective on your clothes closet.  You might just be rewarded with some new options for outfits you didn’t realize you had.


Idea 1Out of sight, out of mind. We all have clothes in our closets that need to live there, but that we don’t wear regularly. It could be your interview suit, a formal dress, a fancy coat, or even costume items. If you don’t wear these items day to day they just create visual clutter when you’re searching for the day’s outfit. File these items away in a hanging garment bag – you’ll know right where they are when you need them, but they will visually disappear so you can focus on your main wardrobe.

Step 2Be all matchy-matchy – this isn’t anything new, but organizing your closets into outfits will help with grab and go. If you have a double rod closet you can group your tops on the upper rod and pants and skirts on the lower rods in loose groups that go together – casual blouses hang over the khakis and jeans, dressy shirts hang over trousers and skirts. If you’re working with a single rod, group them side by side.  (Or turn your single rod closet into a double rod easily with this rod doubler.)

Step 3Get your kicks – take it to the next level by incorporating storage above and below your hanging clothes. Pair appropriate shoes with your outfits by adding a shoe storage shelf on the floor, or add a hanging shoe rack to the back of the closet door across from the hanging clothes.

Step 4Accessorize – If you own beautiful scarves and necklaces, but forget to add them to your outfit like I do, add an undershelf basket to keep them front and center, or drape them over the hanger of a coordinating blouse.

Step 5Keep it real – sometimes it’s hard to pick out what to wear because you feel like you should get some use out of the clothes you don’t really like, or that don’t get worn often due to a poor fit or lack of appropriate matching garments. Having a closet stuffed with extras can make choices overwhelming. Find out what you really wear by turning all the hangers backwards (the open side of the hook faces away from you.) As you wear items or launder them and put them back, hang everything back up normally. At the end of a month or six weeks clear out the backwards stuff – it’s either seasonal or not really your style. If you love it anyway – put it in the garment bag, you’ll probably forget it’s in there after a while, but it’s not gone yet.

Project 333 - Declutter Your Closetstep 6The power of 3 – if you’re really getting into the idea of paring your closet down to just the clothes you love, you might want to try Project 333. Every three months you chose 33 items that are the only items you will wear for daily life. It may sound way too restrictive, but you might just be surprised. And imagine how tidy your closet (even a tiny one) will look. Here are the details: http://www.theproject333.com/getting-started/.

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