6 Tips for Storing your Halloween Decorations

Halloween storage boxes from SpaceSavers.com

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More than two-thirds of Americans purchase Halloween costumes and decorations annually. As the investment in Halloween décor and costumes increase in popularity, we’re faced with the dilemma of how to store them safely and efficiently.

Plastic storage bins are ideal for storing holiday decorations. They hold up better than cardboard, which has a tendency to get squashed easily when heavier boxes are stacked on top. Cardboard can also absorb moisture from high humidity or water leaks. Plastic will protect from these elements.

When you’re ready to store your Halloween decorations come November 1st, take your organizing to the next level with our orange or purple Halloween storage boxes. Not only do they offer the benefits of plastic, you’ll also be able to spot the boxes immediately when you’re scanning through your storage area. Shop our full selection:  Halloween Storage Bins or use these quick links to go to our most popular items:


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Ready for more tips on storing your Halloween decorations to ensure they stay looking new each October?

1. Wrap décor in newspaper, tissue or even soft paper towels. Store the really fragile or breakable Halloween decorations in smaller storage boxes and tins for extra protection. Then put those smaller boxes into your larger plastic container.

2. Use air packets and packing peanuts that come with your mail and package deliveries. They’re excellent for keeping items from shifting within the box.

3. Put Halloween decoration hardware such as wreath hangers or other special Halloween ornament fasteners in one small box before placing into a larger container. Put it near the top for easy access and label it “Halloween Hardware–Open First.” That way you can get started right away next year with your Halloween decorating.

4. Store wreaths in storage containers made in shapes just for wreaths to ensure they keep their shape and won’t be smashed within a bigger box.

5. If you have strings of lights or mini lights, wrap around an empty paper towel cardboard piece and store in individual gallon size plastic bags before placing them in a bigger plastic box.

6. When possible, try and store decorations in a closet or other area of your home on the main levels. Temperatures and humidity can vary widely throughout the year in attics and basements, which can cause damage to more delicate items like candles.


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