Most Valuable Layer: Space Bag

Space Bags aren't just great for linens - there's so much more.Space Bags really are ingenious. While they became popular for storing bulky blankets, comforters and pillows at home, these space-saving must-haves shouldn’t be limited to just linens. And with several bag styles, many no longer requiring a vacuum to seal, the uses multiply. Some of our favorites include:

Winter snow pants, mittens, hats/Beach towels, swimwear, cover-ups
Storing seasonal clothing from your closet like heavy sweaters comes in a close second behind storing blankets and comforters for the top uses of Space Bags. But don’t stop there- also consider stashing those other summer or winter items that take up precious space during the months of non-use.

If you have a family of snow-lovers, bulky winter coats, snow pants, snow suits, mittens, hats and scarves can easily overtake any closet. Try one bag for coats and a smaller one to keep accessories like mittens and hats together. It might make sense to buy a bag for each member of the family to keep all of their items stored together (have kids headed off to college?  Send their bag with them.) Same goes for summer wear: stash beach towels and cover-ups along with swimwear to keep it all in one spot and easy to find when the weather warms up. You can even toss in those sunny day extras like beach blankets and swim goggles.

Camping, Hiking and Boating
When packing for outdoor activities, keeping your things protected is just as important as saving space. Space Bags offer both. Important items like maps, flashlights, wallets and batteries stay dry and together in one spot, away from moisture and bugs. Use another to store clothes, shoes and other necessities that add bulk. For boats or RVs, use a Space Bag to store emergency safety supplies on board throughout the season. Try the conveniently-sized Space Bag Pouch for outdoor adventures. The roll-up design doesn’t require a vacuum cleaner to compress so they can be used anywhere, anytime.

Military/College Care Packages
Nothing says “Home” like a care package. Whether you’re sending one off to your college freshman across the country or several to dedicated service men and women across the world, Space Bags can protect items and compress space so you can add even more goodies to the box. Try a medium size space bag for plenty of space that is still economical to mail. When sending food or toiletry items, bag each separately in small zip lock bags before sealing in a Space Bag. This is especially important for boxes that will be going overseas and will likely encounter rough handling. Keeping items separate will protect everything in the event that a bottle opens or is broken in transit. Once you have items secured in a Space Bag, crumpled newspaper is an easy and economical way to cushion the bag in the mailing box.

With airline guidelines on sizes and weights of suitcases and carry-on bags, packing for a vacation can be tricky, especially for a family. Even if you’re traveling to your destination by car or RV, saving space is usually a requirement. Using a Travel Space Bag can virtually “shrink-wrap” items, leaving up to 75% more space so you can fit more in one bag or suitcase.

Not only do Space Bags save space, they make staying organized a breeze. Use separate bags to keep similar items such as shoes together and easy to find. Or use one for each family member so kids can easily find their own clothes each morning.

The clear design also comes in handy at airport security checks and can help reduce the likelihood of a more invasive search of your checked luggage. Airport personnel can see all the items without having to touch them and rummage through a bag.

Be sure to tuck an empty Space Bag into a suitcase to keep dirty clothes separated from clean clothes. Who wants to waste valuable space on dirty laundry when it could be used to bring home souvenirs?

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