At The Office – Cubicle Hooks Review

Anyone who works in a cubicle knows the problem of storage space—or lack thereof. Especially in the winter, when I have a coat, scarf and hat to store. I usually ended up just throwing stuff under my desk, where it was in my way and wasn’t exactly conducive to keeping my nice coat and accessories wrinkle-free and clean. I know we carry a variety of over the door hooks, I just had to take the time to figure out which one I wanted. If I was looking for a hook for the back of my bathroom or bedroom door, I probably would have had a more difficult time deciding between all of the different finishes and styles. But after looking through the hooks, I was reminded that we offer a line of adjustable over the door hooks by Spectrum which are specifically made for cubicle hooks. Perfect.

Single Adjustable Cubicle Wall Hook

Single Adjustable Over the Door Hook

Parallel Double Hook Cubicle Wall Hooks

Double Adjustable Over the Door Hook

Stacked Double Hook Cubicle Wall Hooks

Stacked Double Cubicle Hook/Hanger

I decided on the double cubicle hook—the two hooks are next to each other in an upside-down Y shape, ideal for hanging  my purse on one and my coat on the other. I really like how the hook is clear—it is very discreet. The sturdy plastic makes it one of the best options for cubicle coat hooks. The best part, however, is the ability to adjust the size. Not every cube wall is the exact same width, so you can buy this cubicle hook without having to worry about whether or not it will fit. There are 6 notches so you can adjust the width from about 1.5″ to 2.25″. I have had several frustrating experiences at home with buying hooks for my doors, only to discover they are too wide or not wide enough, and then I have to end up returning them. I am thinking of picking up a couple extra of these to take home.


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