Okay, so there isn’t one all-powerful person labled THE Space Saver here.  There is a team of us.  More heads are better than one, right?  Eventually, there may be more of us, all putting our organizing ideas together until we reach the peak of our organizing excellence…

Here at Space Savers, we can’t help but be chin deep in organizing and storage stuff.  It’s what we do!  We live it, we breathe it, we love it!  And with all that comes some knowledge and how-to help we can share.

  • We’ll pass along organizing and storage tips and ideas.
  • We’ll share our real-life organizing dilemmas and solutions.
  • We’ll highlight helpful products we come across as well as products we can’t help but love.
  • We’ll give you the inside scoop on upcoming sales and promotions.

And…we’ll be here to answer any organizing or storage related question you may have.  We’ll email you a response and post it here to help others in their organizing adventure.