Back to School Tips for Pre K-12

Create a drop off station for back packs on the back of your door.

It’s that time of year again- Back to School- which for many means back to routines, back to schedules, and back to being constantly on-the-go. Whether you have preschoolers or high schoolers, getting organized now will help ease you and your kids back into another busy school year.

Project: Hassle-free Homework
The chief complaint from parents and kids alike about returning to a back-to-school routine? Homework!

To make it easier on everyone, be sure their desk or other homework areas are organized with all the supplies they’ll need. A desktop organizer keeps everything in view, and don’t forget desk drawer organizers to make sure drawers stay neat. Pencil boxes aren’t just for school; keep one stocked for each child so they always ways their supplies nearby if they prefer to do their homework at the kitchen table or on their bed.

A plastic project case or notebook case is just the right size to keep paper and other supplies that won’t fit in a pencil box, and is also a great way to protect important homework projects in process. When those papers and projects are done and coming back home, utilize the space under their bed with an underbed storage box to store it all.

Project: Information Central
Keeping everything organized and easily accessible is also the best way to control the chaos of school papers, supplies, homework and school activities, but just how do you get started? Creating a dedicated space is key. Whether you have a lot of room to work with or just a little, having all school-related things in one spot will make it all much more manageable.

Start with backpack rack to keep everyone’s bag in one spot and off the floor. Wall hooks are another great way to keep coats and bags picked up and organized. Have one for each child, so they’ll always know where their coat or gym bag is.

If you have wall space, add a bulletboard. It’s a great space for reminders, calendars and important papers. Or, paint your wall with magnetic paint (available at a home improvement store) and use magnetic organizers like baskets, magnets and erasable magnetic labels anywhere on the wall. Wall pockets are also a great idea for keeping each child organized.

Other ideas for keeping things in line: letter trays make great In/Out boxes to separate papers coming in from school and those that are ready to go back to school; papers also stay organized in a file box, and with so many stylish options there’s no need to keep it tucked out of sight; a large wire basket works great for holding things like gym shoes and library books that kids might not need every day; magazine boxes are the perfect size for holding softcover books or folders and small flip n stack boxes keep smaller items in one spot (bonus: they nest neatly when summer vacation comes around and they’re empty).

Project: Locker Love
So, you’re on your way to keeping the kids organized at home. How about sending some fun stuff along with them to school to keep their lockers neat and tidy as well?

A locker shelf- either adjustable or wire– will add more usable space for books, shoes and all the stuff that collects throughout the school year. Magnetic baskets, clips and hooks keep things organized- and look cool doing it. Finally, a small box – either click top or open top– will come in handy for things like keys, USB flash drives and contact lens cases, all small but important.

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