Build a Home Recycling Center

Start your own home recycling center quickly and easilyKeeping a green home and tackling recycling doesn’t mean that you need to have to live with clutter. With our collection of recycling solutions you can do your part in to help out the planet and still enjoy a tidy living space.

Depending on your local recycling options you may need to separate all of your recyclables by materials or number; glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, metal and hazardous items such as paint, household chemicals and batteries. Check with your local recycling center or waste collection agency for their requirements – most will have a pamphlet you can keep at home for reference. Once you know how much pre-sorting is required you can choose the best solutions for your home recycling center.

If you want to keep your recycling right at hand in the kitchen or office and you don’t have large volumes of recyclables on a regular basis a side-by-side bin might be the perfect solution. These stylish bins fit right in to the decor of modern rooms and take up minimal space. If you want to take on composting organics, we even have a step can that includes a removable compost tray.

When you need a more extensive system, or have larger volumes of recycling to handle, you can build a recycling center with stacking bins wherever is most convenient – such as a pantry, the mud room, or even the garage. Lidded bins keep your recycling items in place without concern for spilling, and they can easily be loaded up into the car if you need to travel to a recycling facility.

Once you get your home recycling center built, keep your recycling guidelines close at hand. Use a label maker to identify which recyclables go into each bin or post the guidelines on the wall or back of a closet door as a reminder.

Be sure to stay on top of getting recycling out for curbside pick up or keep a regular schedule for dropping items off at your recycling center. Even with a great organizing system you can feel overwhelmed if the bins start to overflow.

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