Bungie Mania!

It’s about time to break down and get a new office chair.  I like the one I have…it’s fine for sitting in.  But when I lean over to get files out of the bottom cabinet, I’m more likely to wind up on the floor than to retrieve that needed file.  It may just be a loose screw that needs some tightening but I haven’t had a chance to get off the chair, on to the floor and physically LOOK under there.  Besides, I just saw a new chair I WANT so, of course, I need a reason to get it.

Pink bungee!  THE office chair for me!And the new chair I found?  It’s a bungie chair!  An honest to goodness bungie cord bungie chair…and it’s FUSCHIA!  How cool is that! Why else would I be raving (and blogging) about an OFFICE CHAIR???  If I get bored at my desk, I can just bounce away, have a laugh, and get back to work!

Whether you spell it bungie or bungee, these chairs are COOL!  Aside from the absolute coolness factor, bungie chairs are comfortable.  They conform.  They breathe.  This one is height adjustable.  It’s the one I saw, but the pink is actually a deeper…well, fuschia color.  Not a bright pink.  It is a Eurostyle Low Back Bungie ChairSpace Savers has got them.  That’s how I found it (it’s great to have the first look at new stuff).  They also have red, blue, and of course, black.

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