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Hey! Hope you are enjoying these first few days of fall. This is such a great time of year to make some progress in organizing your home and office. One item that can get out of hand quickly is business cards. They are such great ways to keep up with your life–business connections, good friends, favorite home contractors. The trick is to find a way to keep them without them becoming a pile of paper ready for recycling.

I have found that the best way to keep up with my business cards is to go through my standard organizing process. First, purge what you don’t need. Old business cards, or cards from people you don’t know should definitely go. Cards from anyone I have used for work that I wasn’t satisfied with are also prime targets for recycling.

Next, organize. For the cards I want to save, I make a note on the back reminding me of how I met the person. For example, some of my notes include “met at Susan and Fred’s party, fall, 2008”, or “completed tile job in master bath, January, 2007”. Given that I have almost no short term memory (Have I mentioned that before in my posts–I can’t remember!) it helps me to remember what connection I have with the person represented by the card.

Now assign a home. I group the cards into three or four subsets–friends, personal business contacts, home contractors, other professionals. I like using the 8 1/2 x 11 plastic business card organizing sheets in which the cards slide in to pockets, ten to a page. Although it is tempting to put cards back to back in these sheets, resist the urge. You want to be able to view the front and the back of all the cards. Be sure to leave some empty pockets for future additions. Finally, the sheets go into a binder, and you are ready to go.

I love this approach for my own use as well as being able to effortlessly provide referrals to my friends who need good recommendations for investment advice, carpet installation, appliance repair, etc..

My name is Lori Fowler, and I am a home organizer working in the Winston-Salem area. If you would like help in organizing your home, please call me at 336-978-6211 or e-mail at It would be my pleasure to talk with you.

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