Day 11: Capture, Store & Protect your Holiday Memories

Double Photo KeeperI am the keeper of the family photos.  Meaning, I have all my childhood photo albums.  I have my dad’s old family photos.  I have my father-in-laws family photos.  I have photos of family members who passed on long before I was born!  Add that to the thousands of photos I have taken over the years (not counting the digital photos I have stored in various places). 

I also enjoy scrapbooking.  Having my photos organized by theme or event is very important to me.  I hate to create an entire scrapbook page only to discover a lone photo that got left out.

Of course, all of this prompted my true love (my husband), to give to me on the 11th day of Christmas, a Double Photo Keeper.  It is a new item at Space Savers…and one that is very well received!  This is what says about it:

“With 12 individual acid free photo cases, you’ll be sure to have your favorites handy at all times! Just grab a case and show off your latest pictures to your friends! Large size photo storage case has carry handle too!”

I use each case too organize photos by date or event (i.e. Summer Vacation 2006, Uncle Bill’s Birthday 2008, etc.).  As you get prints made, you can put them in the individual cases and take them with you to show off to family and friends.  The cases snap securely so you don’t have to worry about them getting crinkled, crunkled and damaged like they would in a photo envelope.  The cases hold up to 4×6 photos.  I like this system because it keeps photos separate and provides extra protection for those old family photos. You might also like a 4 x 6 photo box which is smaller.

Another option for your photos is a Photo Organizer System 2000.  It is definately a good purchase for those of you Photo Organizer Systemwho have photos coming out of your ears!  This container has solid dividers as well as tabbed index cards so you can divide and subdivide your photos.  It can also flip over and hold larger photos like 8×10’s and panoramics, or it can hold your scrapbook paper stash.

“The Photo Organizer System 2000 by Cropper Hopper is an indispensable way to keep your photos organized and handy. Consolidate your entire photo collection in a snap and store just as easily. Latch lids keep contents safe. Also has easy carry handle.”

As always, find the solution that best fits your needs.  You may find you have a need for both!  I know I do.

Happy Photo Organizing!

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