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Minimize Your Medicine Cabinet

Do you ever worry that the urban myth that guests check out the contents of your medicine cabinet when they’re in your home is true? Are there things in there that should have been disposed of months, or even years ago? With a busy lifestyle keeping track of the use by dates of items in your medicine cabinet is probably not at the top of your list – but every once in a while it’s good to take stock. Dedicate a few hours to clearing out your medicine cabinet every six months and don’t worry about what the guests will see. Continue reading

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Bathroom Cabinet Organization – Before & After

In my bathroom lurks a dirty secret. Behind the custom-made medicine cabinet, with custom knobs to match our very carefully constructed interior is a terrifying mess. Plastic containers are stacked precariously like some leaning tower of crap.  I once purchased … Continue reading

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Clear the clutter: easy solutions to keep your bathroom organized

Keeping the bathroom neat organized saves time & makes it a more inviting space to begin your day & wind down your evening. Read about it > Continue reading

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Why You May Need A Closet Dehumidifier

Mold and mildew think of your closet as a free spa getaway – nobody would turn down luxurious living conditions that require nothing from them in return. Mold loves darkness, undisturbed air and  moisture – which makes a closet that … Continue reading

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The Organized Bathroom

Think of your morning routine. You wake up when the first alarm goes off, skip over to the shower and jump in for a leisurely wash…wait…that’s not quite accurate, is it? For many of us, mornings send a constant chant … Continue reading

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Have you checked lately?

  I recently went through my collection of medicine cabinet items, and was amazed at how many things had expired since the last time I checked them.  It made me realize that I need to add this as a task … Continue reading

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Get Organized One Drawer At A Time is having a Drawer Organizer Sale this week  from October 22nd to Oct 28th.  If you’ve been putting off getting your drawers in shape, now is your chance to get organized! Kitchen:  How many drawers do you have in your kitchen … Continue reading

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Q&A: Roll-Out Double Drawers vs. Two-Tiered Cabinet Drawers

Question: Could you please tell me the difference between a roll-out double and a two-tier sliding shelf? I know the height is different, but I want to know the difference in the mechanics. In other words, with the roll-out double … Continue reading

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