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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ideas

Operation Christmas Child shoebox ideas can be one of the most challenging and exciting parts about packing a shoe box for the Samaritan’s Purse holiday project. This heartwarming activity brings joy to children throughout the world each holiday season and now … Continue reading

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Christmas Storage – Ornament Storage Box Review

This ornament organizer made taking down the Christmas tree a ton easier this year. I usually struggle to find enough tissue paper to properly wrap each precious memory and then find the perfect box to store them in for the next twelve months until we drag them up from the basement again. Continue reading

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The Twelve Days of Christmas – Organizing Style

If you want to tackle organizing your holiday decorations and storage space this year, we’ve got the checklist to help you get it done. Tackle one item a day if you prefer the low stress approach and letting the holiday linger a little longer, or tackle this checklist all in one day to make a clean sweep for the New Year. Continue reading

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10 Jewelry Organizers under $30 for Mother’s Day

If there’s a Mom on your list who has a passion for organizing as well as an extensive jewelry collection one of our top 10 jewelry organizers under $30 may be the ideal gift for Mother’s Day. Jewelry organizers from … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Planet for Earth Day…

Celebrate the Planet for Earth Day and start thinking about shopping local. Today you might be taking notice of these signs of spring: songbirds, the first shoots of green in your flower beds, and the opening day of Farmer’s Markets … Continue reading

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2011 Organizing Guide: Pack up the Holidays

The new year is a perfect time to resolve to conquer clutter. A satisfying first step is to de-clutter your home is to tackle holiday storage spaces right now. Continue reading

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Packing Up & Storing Away the Holidays

Whether you begin packing up your decoration the day after Christmas or later on into January (or beyond), give some thought to your holiday storage situation. Continue reading

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Christmas Wrapping Storage

One of my favorite holiday activities is gift wrapping. If you enjoy collecting Christmas wrapping materials, but don’t necessarily like having to work around them the other 11 months of the year, consider getting dedicated storage for your Christmas rolls … Continue reading

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Memory Boxes

I am not sure I understood before I had kids how much stuff comes along with those cute little bundles of joy.  And it wasn’t just toys and clothes–it was a lot of paper!  As my kids grow (Brook, age 6 and David, age … Continue reading

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Tired of Cracked Eggs?

If you’re going to dye Easter Eggs this weekend, you’re going to need a lot of hard-boiled eggs!  Add some salt to your boiling water first. Several pinches will do.  This reduces the risk of eggs cracking while they cook.  You … Continue reading

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