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Photo Storage & Organization Tips

It’s that time of year! Rolls and rolls of film are being processed and digital prints are plentiful! During holidays, people pull out their cameras and take advantage of visiting family members, merry making with friends and all-round happiness. The … Continue reading

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Making S.M.A.R.T. New Years Resolutions

The start of a new year gives inspiration to people to begin again, start fresh and make changes in their lives. Continue reading

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Creative Storage Solutions

I have mentioned before in this forum that sometimes getting enough storage is all about thinking out of the box. We don’t all have our dream home, and honestly, some of our houses were built in the days when people … Continue reading

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Let's Implement Stuff Deletion by Janet Russell

March 25th was Letting Go of Stuff Day. But if you have too much stuff, any date can be a good day to start practicing stuff deletion! Peter Walsh says, “…we come to realize that happiness and success might not … Continue reading

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Too Many Cords!!!

“I am not sure how it happens, but I have roughly 100 chargers in my home, none of which work on my phone, which is dead right now.” Sound familiar? Here is a hint on how to keep up with … Continue reading

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Q&A: Storing A Magazine Collection with Minimal Space

Question: I know latching onto back issues of magazines is a problem in itself and someday I hope to address that!  Meantime, I want to store them, but also have access to them.  I’d like to have some system that … Continue reading

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Christmas Wrapping Storage

One of my favorite holiday activities is gift wrapping. If you enjoy collecting Christmas wrapping materials, but don’t necessarily like having to work around them the other 11 months of the year, consider getting dedicated storage for your Christmas rolls … Continue reading

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Renovating a Closet

Okay, so you’ve heard of renovating kitchens, baths, etc., but a closet? Here’s what I mean. Many of us have repurposed rooms in our homes that were originally intended for other uses–made a bedroom an office, a bonus room into … Continue reading

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Q&A: Make the most of available box storage space

Question: I have two spaces: 1 is: 45 width, 23 depth, 78 height (divided by adjustable shelves).  I wish to use clear (if possible) plastic totes for supply of sweat shirts, T-shirts and polos that we sell at our school. … Continue reading

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The House Of 1000 Projects

Organizing and cleaning and all those other things you’d rather put off till later are sometimes best done in small increments. Just a little now and then is better than not at all. Continue reading

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