Change of Seasons calls for a Closet Makeover

maple-leaf.jpgI don’t know about elsewhere, but here in North Carolina, we’ve had a cold spell.  It is still August so it’s not really “cold”, but considering the high temperatures we’ve had for the last several weeks, the chill in the air is a nice change.  Some of the trees in my back yard are even showing some hints of orange, yellow and red.

Autumn is the season I long for all year.  I enjoy the brisk air, the crackling leaves and the deep colors.  The kids head back to school.  Family reunions and chicken stews take place.  And Halloween is just around the corner.

With this change of seasons comes the need to do some organizing – or rather, some RE-organizing.  Earlier this week, I was getting ready for work when I realized I should probably wear a sweater. A sweater in August???  You bet!  (Didn’t I mention the cold spell?)  The problem was, all my sweaters were in open stacks at the top most part of my closet and have not been washed since the first part of Spring.  They were collecting dust!  The morning rush is NOT the time to find out you have to wash the clothes you plan to wear to work.  I did some creative layering that morning and decided I needed to give my closet a makeover.  Not one that would just take care of holding all my clothes neatly, but a makeover that would help me to easily transition from one season to the next.

The first order of business was to take care of those sweaters.  I am a sweater hog.  I have about 25 to 30 different sweaters in my closet at any given time.  Some people like shoes.  I like sweaters.  And you can bet I wasn’t going to be caught on another chilly morning without a sweater to wear!

All the sweaters were washed and dried (no easy task but it had to get done sometime).  They were then placed into512-Visions-Medium_web.jpg canvas boxes for storage (I can’t expect the cold spell to last, can I?).  The canvas allows the clothing to breathe but still keeps the dust away.  I like to place lavender drawer sachets into the storage boxes, too.

The canvas storage box to the right is part of our Canvas Visions Storage Box Collection.  The window allows you to see exactly what you have stored inside so you can find a certain item without having to unpack multiple boxes.

As you pack your sweaters into the storage boxes, take care to fold them nicely.  You want them to come out of the box in ready-to-wear condition.  If you REALLY want to go nuts, you can store your sweaters by color (or material).  I just put all my favorites together.  That will be the first box I reach for when I wake up to summer sweater weather again.

When the days become increasing cooler, I’ll pull out my nice, clean, ready-to-wear sweaters and replace them with freshly washed ready-to-store summer clothes.  Tank tops, shorts, bathing suits and capris will all find a cozy home in those canvas storage boxes.  They will spend the winter there protected from dust and musty air.

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