Christmas in…May?

bulbs_row.jpgI have a habit of doing my Christmas shopping all year long.  I’ll see something here and find something there.  Before you know it, my closet floor is piled with boxes and bags of who knows what!

Although my husband gives me a strange look when I walk in with a shopping bag full of things I can’t show him (because they’re presents), he has come to respect and appreciate the habit.  It has served us well in many years past…   When Christmas is around the corner and money is tight, I know I can empty out my closet and find all kinds of wonderful presents for the kids – most of which I had forgotten I bought.  Of course, I tell my husband I knew they were there all along :)  Games, movies, cards, trinkets and lots of stocking stuffers!

Today, I just ran across some things I had to get for the kids.  Space Savers has some neat retro toys.  The kids already have the kazoos and gyro wheels.  But I always have to take a peek when I’m in one of the stores to see what I can find.

For the boys, I got a couple of juggling sets.  I can’t just get one!  Two boys and one juggling set do NOT make for a pleasant Christmas!  For my daughter (yes, that makes 3 kids) a box-o-beads…those big bulky wooden beads that you can string up.  She can be a prissy girl when she wants to, wearing pink flowers all day and drawing rainbows.  But then, the day she gets her beads, she’ll probably decide that will be her act-like-a-tomboy day.  She’s just as good at playing in dirt with bugs and worms.  She’ll probably fight for one of the 2 juggling sets.  Maybe I should buy another one…just in case…

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