Christmas Ornaments from the Past

sheep-ornament.jpgMaybe you managed to pull out all your Christmas decorations over the weekend, sort through everything and hang them up.  I did.  The tree, the wreaths, the garland, and the hundreds of ornaments!  But this year I did something a little extra. 

Once all the ornaments were up on the tree, I went through the last of the boxes…the cardboard one that has seen several decades of Decembers.  It had faded red and green stripes and a faint musty smell.  This was the box that held all the ornaments I remember from my childhood:  The tissue paper angel I made in preschool more than 30 years ago.  The stocking shaped ornaments bearing the names of my beloved childhood friends, Petie and Percy – my two dogs.  There are crocheted Santas, snowflakes and bells, painted plaster wise men, salt dough animals, felt gingerbread people and shrinky-dinks in all sorts of holiday shapes. 

Many of these ornaments still make it to the Christmas tree year after year.  The unbreakables.  Others are much too fragile to have out around my excitable children – especially during a month known for peppermint sticks and other sugary treats.

When the box was given to me, it was just a mish mash of ornaments – the sentimental and the unwanted all thrown in together.  Some had broken in the move.  Others had broken over time.  I emptied the box, discarding the styrofoam balls coated in gold glitter and others deemed “too tacky to EVER be back in style again”.  I was left with a somewhat generous pile I planned to pass down to my children.

Each child will have a box full of ornaments from my past as well as ornaments from their childhood.  In this collection will go all the ornaments they make at school and all the ornaments purchased “especially for them”.  You can be sure these ornaments won’t be stored in a red and green striped cardboard box.  They’ll be carefully wrapped in layers of tissue and gently placed in an ornament box.  One large enough to handle future additions. 

For ornament storage and protection, you may want to consider:

  • ornbox_web.jpgSterilite Ornament Box – it’s sturdy sides and snap-top lid will keep those treasures well protected.  Can hold up to 54 glass balls or other fragile ornaments in removable divided compartments.
  • 60621.jpgSnap ‘N Stack Ornament Case – This ornament box can grow with your collection.  It comes in 3 layers and a lid.  Each layer snaps on to the one before.  The layers are divided to hold 16 ornaments each for a total of 48 ornaments.  Includes a carrying handle.
  • orn box RM.jpgRubbermaid Collapsible Ornament Case – The festive colored ornament box is made from thick fabric and can be folded down flat during the holidays for easy storage.  The rest of the year, it provides a sturdy home for your ornament collection.  Includes dividers removable and can hold up to 24 ornaments (or 20 pounds).

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