White, Blackened Chrome, or Chrome Wire Shelves?

Tiered chrome wire shelf for pantryAfter the International Housewares Show this year we followed up on a bunch of new products we saw on the show floor (including the boot racks we posted about a few months ago – they’re finally in production…for fall now instead of the June date we had hoped for.)

This time we wanted to get your take on some options in kitchen storage.  White vinyl coated wire pieces have been a staple for helper shelves, and white molded plastic drawer organizers are found in kitchen drawers across the nation.  This year we got a look at some new options for chrome wire shelving – and even newer – a blackened chrome option.  What we want to know is, what would you like to see in your kitchen?

plastic, black chrome, and chrome wire shelves

We love bright chrome because it goes so well with stainless steel and glass, and honestly, it’s going to match everything you’ve got going on in your kitchen cupboards or pantry. Chrome wire shelves can be a godsend in your cupboards to give items a lift and create separated storage space.

Blackened chrome is the newest look on the market – it’s a graphite gray tone rather than true black, and it has a low sheen to it, not quite as reflective as bright chrome, but it’s not dull either.  We think it just sped past bright chrome as the most modern finish available.  We don’t have it in stock yet, but we’re thinking about it.

There’s nothing wrong with crisp white either – we’re here to say that white keeps your kitchen looking bright (as long as you keep it clean) and we’re seeing more and more options in white with the gray non-skid pads that offer a nice contrast, plus keep your stored items right where you put them.

But what do you think?  Which of these looks would you prefer for your kitchen sink?  (Sorry we couldn’t source a full dish rack picture in the blackened chrome since we don’t carry it yet, that one is a sink protector.)

Finishes of Wire Sink Drainers

You tell us what you want in wire shelves

We’re looking at what to bring in next for our kitchen collections, what would finish would you use in your kitchen today?  Cast your vote for bright chrome, blackened chrome, or crisp white.  Better yet, tell us where and how you’d use it.

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