Classroom Readiness – Back to School for Teachers

Back to school for teachers – time to get that classroom in shape, organized, and ready for the next wave of incoming students. Organize your classroom and be prepared using the following checklist.

  • Evriholder Cord Storage – Cables and cords are not only unsightly, they can be hazardous or at the very least, annoying when they are in the way. Bundle up those cords this fall.
  • Command Hooks and Clips – Use the clips for cables. Use the hooks to hang items on your walls, without using damaging nails or screws. You can hang anything from keys to framed prints.
  • Backpack Storage Rack – No, this isn’t for your students, but for you. Utilize the back of the closet door in your classroom with this storage rack. Hang your purse, bag, scarves, and other items, keeping them neatly tucked out of the way.
  • Sterilite’s Pencil Boxes – These are not just for students. They work great to store that stash of communal pencils, erasers, paper clips, and scissors – the possibilities are endless.
  • Drawer Organizers – Keep your desk organized with modular drawer storage boxes. No more searching through all of your drawers to find what you need.
  • Way Basics’ Modular Cube Storage – These are great for creating a modular storage system without having to use any tools to get the job done. Have a cube for students to pick up their weekly assignments. Have a cube for turning in assignments or projects. Store books. Store supplies.
  • Modular Bookcases from Legare– Add a bookcase wherever you need one in your classroom, these lightweight bookcases assemble without tools so you can pack them in and out of your classroom as desired.
  • Storage Baskets – You can never have too many storage baskets. They can become the catch all or the universal method of storing and organizing anything on your desk or for your classroom.
  • Desktop File Organizers – Keep your students’ work organized or your own student files organized. When dealing with multiple children, staying organized is how you stay on top of all the many multi-tasking duties you have on a daily basis

As a teacher, you know that preparation is the key to your students’ success – preparation is also the key to your success.

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