Clear the clutter: easy solutions to keep your bathroom organized

Make the bathroom a clutter free zoneIt may be the smallest room in your home, but the bathroom is often where you spend a good chunk of your morning and bedtime routines. Keeping it neat and organized not only saves precious time but makes it a more inviting space to begin your day and wind down your evening. Just a few simple updates you add now can save time later.



24 Compartment Lipstick OrganizerAdd it now: Lipstick organizers

Where: Three different sizes – 12, 18 or 24 – suit nearly any makeup collection and offer storage versatility for drawers, shelves or the countertop.

Timesaver later: Store lipsticks with the label up so you can find the shade you want quickly.

Other uses: Handy compartments also work great for nail polishes. Outside the bath, try storing craft paints, tubes or beads, earrings or rings, even hardware pieces like small nuts and bolts.


Glass Apothecary Jar

Add it now: Apothecary jar

Where: Countertop. It’s too cute to keep hidden.

Timesaver later: Store everyday items like cotton balls and Q-tips to keep them close at hand.  As a bonus, the clear design will visually remind you when your supply is running low.

Other uses: The options are endless when a storage piece has such a classic, attractive design. Besides Q-tips or cotton balls, try bath salts, pretty soaps or make-up brushes. In the office, stash paper clips or thumbtacks.  In the kitchen, little candies, small pet treats or spare change look right at home.


Hanging bath & cosmetic organizerAdd it now: Hanging bath and cosmetic organizer

Where:  Behind a door or inside a closet.

Timesaver later: Having bathroom necessities like deodorant, lotions and medicines in one portable spot can cut minutes off your morning routine. Hanging it on a door or inside a closet also saves valuable space. It also makes a fantastic traveling companion. Simply fold up, clip it closed and you have your bath items already packed and ready to go.

Other uses: A great option to store jewelry, small toys, utility supplies like tape, nuts and bolts, craft items like beads or threads- anything you want to separate- yet store together- while keeping easily visible and accessible.


Clear acrylic vanity organizerAdd it now: Clear boxes

Where: With so many to choose from- a 5-section vanity organizer, all purpose box , flat top acrylic box, cotton ball/swab box–  these can go anywhere in the bathroom. Open top boxes look nice out on the countertop or use them inside a drawer or closet to keep everyday essentials like makeup, lotions and medicines together. Boxes with lids offer a space-saving option since they can be stacked inside a medicine cabinet or closet.

Timesaver later: Whether you choose a box with a lid or without, the clear design lets you see everything inside with just a quick glance.

Other uses: These handy boxes shouldn’t be limited to only the bathroom. Jewelry, kids’ arts supplies, sewing necessities and craft items are just a few other ways to put these to work.

Two shelf bamboo and chrome organizerAdd it now: Two-shelf bamboo tray

Where: Countertop

Timesaver later: Keeping some of your most used items such as hand lotion and perfumes readily available saves time rummaging through a drawer. The two tier design doubles your counter space. Choose the corner design to make use of wasted corner  countertop space.

Other uses: The sleek contemporary styling makes these trays a nice addition to a kitchen countertop area as well. Place next to a sink to hold hand soap or lotion.

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