Closet Organization Tips

Are clothes stacking up in a corner because you simply don’t have the room to hang them up? Ever thought those great-looking closets in the magazine ads couldn’t possibly belong to you? How many times have you decided to organize your closet but gave up as soon as you opened the door? Obtaining a well-organized closet doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore.

Sort through your items and remove everything that should be donated or trashed. Be ruthless with this task. Even if you could fit into those pants again some day, you may not want to.

Invest in storage hangers. They can hold several pairs of pants vertically in the amount of space you would normally hang one pair. For long-term storage, try a Hanging Space Bag. This specially designed bag keeps clothing hanging on the rack in a minimal amount of space.

Add a shelf. Most closets are equipped with one hanging bar with a shelf above it. Even if that one shelf is crammed full, you probably have room for another shelf in the air space above. Use it to store your off-season clothing or other little-used items.

To organize your shelves, storage boxes, storage baskets and closet shelf dividers are all good choices and really help to pull a closet together.

Shoe Racks go vertical! Shoes can take up a suprising amount of space if you don’t have a storage system in place for them! The challenge to shoe storage is to keep them protected, out of the way, and still close at hand whether you have 3 pairs or 300 pairs. over the door shoe storage racks, hanging shoe storage, rotating shoe trees and stackable shoe storage can all help reduce and eliminate the shoe clutter. Finding one to fit your needs and your style is easy!

Install drawers. Don’t waste the space! If you only have one hanging rod, place a set of drawers in the empty space below the shorter shirts and jackets. Drawers will add a suprising amount of storage space to your closet.

Double it! If extra drawer space doesn’t work for you and it’s hanging space you need, get a Double Hang Closet Doubler. It is a drop hanging rod extender that provides more hanging space for your clothes.

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