Clothes Storage Myth #1: If clothes look clean, they are fine to store.

Storing Clothes from the Dry Cleaner

By far the most important step when it comes to storing clothing is to wash or dry clean clothes first. Even clothes that may look clean could have very light stains, perspiration or perfumes that can darken and set with time. Stains can also invite unwanted guests- insects like crickets, roaches and silverfish. Although they generally will not eat the garment the way moths do, it can be enough to cause damage to the garment.

Take special care to follow the care directions on the garment label and wash or dry clean as directed. If you do dry clean, remove the plastic dry cleaning bag before storing. Chemical residue from the cleaning process can remain in the bag and damage your clothes over time. Also be sure to have your dry cleaner hold the starch before you pack clothing away. Bugs love starch, so your favorite dress shirt is sure to quickly become a tasty lunch buffet.

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Myth #2: An attic or basement is the best place to store clothes.

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