Clothes Storage Myth #3: Moth balls have to smell bad to really work.

Mothballs don't have to smell bad If the idea of moth balls brings back memories of your Great-Grandmother’s attic, rejoice! Now moth-chasing tools are infused with cedar- another scent insects do not like. Thankfully cedar is a scent more pleasing to the human nose and is also much safer than traditional moth balls. Old-fashioned pure moth balls are toxic to children and pets, and can also cause complication to those with asthma or other breathing issues.  Moth protection for clothing doesn’t have to make you gag when you pull clothes out of storage.

To maintain the effectiveness of cedar, the wood does need to be lightly sanded when the scent begins to dull. The cedar variety also come in a range of options, from traditional ball-shaped to bar-style , discs, bags, and blocks.

Choose the moth protection that works best for where your clothing will be stored.  You might think it’s best to completely seal off your clothes so that moths can’t get anywhere near them, not quite true.

Myth #4: Airtight is always best when storing clothes.

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