Clothes Storage Myth #4: Airtight is always best when storing clothes.

Canvas clothing storageAirtight containers are great for many things, but for storing clothes it may not be the best choice. The excessive dry heat of an attic coupled with airtight conditions can break down fiber in fabrics. If you must store items in a damp basement, airtight plastic is O.K. (see Mythbuster #2), but otherwise using storage pieces made of some natural materials is ideal.

Try cotton canvas for the most benefits: Breathable and lightweight, yet sturdy, durable and stackable. Plus, they fold flat when not in use, for the ultimate space-saving option. Our Vision™ Canvas Storage pieces from Household Essentials ™even have a see-through window so you can easily see what’s inside. Sizes include a large24” size , a medium 12” size or 3-piece set. A full clear top style  is great for sweaters and easy to stack.

But don’t write-off plastic containers. Just save them for items less likely to be affected by temperature or moisture, such as shoes, or less valuable items in your wardrobe such as t-shirts, shoes, swimwear, socks, mittens, etc. Because you’ll be removing the items when the seasons change, stick with containers that are clear to make it easier to find just what you want quickly. Another tip: if you’ll be storing items for more than one family member, consider buying different colors of boxes or lids to easily keep items separated visually. Both our Sterilite and IRIS USA totes come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors.

There are lots of containers out there to choose from, but keep the golden rule of clothing storage in mind: don’t use paper bags or cardboard. Bugs love them and will enjoy the feast- and your favorite clothes as dessert.

So once you know where you’re going to store clothes, and have the best container you can just get to it, right?  Well…

Myth #5: All clothes can be folded or hung and stored together.

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