Clothes Storage Myth #5: All clothes can be folded or hung and stored together.

Stacked and Folded ClothingDifferent fabrics sometimes call for different methods of storage, especially if they’re higher end pieces such as cashmere, linen or silk.

Silk and knit items are best stored flat to retain their shape, while linen should be rolled before placed in storage to prevent permanent creases from forming over time. When storing folded clothes, place acid-free and dye-free tissue paper in between items. This not only protects the fabrics, but can help prevent damaging wrinkles. Be sure not to wrap and pack items too snug. Garments- especially natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk – need to be able to breath. Packing too snug can cause creasing or invite mildew to form over time.

Blouses, dress shirts and dresses store best on hangers, but change out those dry-cleaner hangers that have foam strips. Over time, the foam can transfer color to the fabric, ruining your favorite piece of clothing. Your best bets: sturdy wooden, padded or plastic hangers. Hanging clothes can also be easily covered with natural canvas for the ultimate storage solution. A few of our favorite options include rolling wire shelves or storage wardrobe.

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