Customize a Wire Shelf Closet – Quick & Cheap Solutions

Stack & Hang Shelves

We just got these shelves in from ClosetMaid and we’re pretty excited.  If you’ve ever lived in an apartment you’ve probably had a set of wire shelves in your pantry, linen closet, or even bedroom closet.  Once they’re in…there’s not much you can do to make them fit your needs, until now.  We’ve pulled together a collection of storage solutions you can add to customize those shelves in great ways.

Stack and hang shelves do it all – they clip into your wire shelves and each other to let you expand your organizing plan.  Add either medium or large units on top of your current wire shelves so you can separate sweaters from jeans, or layer your hand towels above your toilet paper stash.   Or, hang them below the existing shelf to make the most of extra space below – perfect for rolled up towels, cleaning supplies, dog food in the pantry, etc..  And if you don’t have wire shelves installed already?  These work as freestanding shelves too.  (Large and medium refer to the depth of the shelf, so be sure to measure how deep your installed shelves are to get the right fit.)

Ventilated Wire Shelf DividerFor those shelves that have piles of t-shirts or sheets that tend to tumble over on top of each other?  Get shelf dividers that clip into the wire system that keep everything contained – position them wherever you want to create cubbies of  storage on your shelves.  They come in two heights, so measure to know the spacing of your existing shelves.  (These only come in one depth, but you can use them on any size shelves, the height is the key on these.)

Who knew those simple wire shelves could be so versatile?  Add a few baskets for small items that might slip through the cracks and you have a very functional storage system… without spending a lot of cash for a brand new closet system.  Best of all – no nails, no screws, no level and very little time investment is required to update your closet.

Ready to fix up your wire closet shelving?  Here’s where to find everything we talked about:

What closet organizing projects have you taken on recently?

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