Dorm Living 101: Sharing a bathroom

Shower Caddy - Bath Organizer BasketStarting college is all about new experiences. Most of them are fun, new and exciting. Learning to share a bathroom with 20 other people you barely know is not one of them. It may take a little while, but you’ll get used to it. Keeping a few simple rules in mind will make it easier on everyone.

Be considerate.
You may have had a bathroom all to yourself at home, or had to share with a messy sibling or two, but the rules have changed now. It’s time to be considerate. If there’s a shortage on showers, don’t soap up and then leisurely stand soaking for 20 minutes if you know someone else is waiting. Same goes for the sinks. Do you really need to put on your full face 25 minute makeup routine in a busy bathroom when a portable vanity mirror in your dorm room would probably work just as well? Or why tie up all the outlets for a blow dryer and three different sizes of flat irons, when your own room is right down the hall?

Pay attention.
The first few weeks you’ll start to see a schedule emerging. You’ll notice the bathroom and showers are busier at certain times of the day, so if possible wait it out and shower later. Or get up earlier and in the shower if it’s important that you have more personal space to yourself in the morning. You might find that showering before bed and missing the morning rush altogether works best for you.

Don’t forget the shower essentials.
By now you’ve heard of them: a bath caddy to hold shower supplies, flip flops or “shower shoes” to wear in the shower and a bathrobe (no explanation needed). But don’t forget to bring a small rug or thick towel to put under your bath caddy and shower shoes in your dorm room so they dry out between uses.

Clean up after yourself.
This should be a given, but if you’re used to living at home and having Mom pick up after you, it might take some time to adjust. The rule is simple: don’t leave anything that you wouldn’t want to find greeting you in the bathroom. Don’t leave toothpaste gobs in the sink, don’t pull a huge knot out of your hair in the shower and leave it on the soap dish. Spill some of your lotion on the floor? Wipe it up. Don’t leave your flat iron to cool with the cord draped across the sinks. And the golden rule? Flush.

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