Dorm Space Quick Tips

If you or someone you know is headed off to school, take a moment to note these quick tips for moving in and living in dormitories.

1. Bright dorm baskets can be used for everything! The material is durable, the handle is convenient and the size is perfect! Stash away your shower necessities, books, cd’s or mail.

2. Seal your snacks in food storage containers to keep them fresh and ready for late night snack attacks.  Clear containers make it easier for you to see what you’ve got at a glance.

3.  Dorm rooms have never been very large so it helps when you use things that can pull double duty.

Large totes help with the move.  They protect your belongings from bumps, scrapes and water better than cardboard boxes.  They can also store your bulky items.  Use them for your extra, out of season clothes, extra bedding, sports gear and more.  Smaller totes and boxes can hold extra school supplies, stationary, photos and other small items.   To store away your boxes and totes, stack them in your closet or slide them under your bed.

4. Need even more storage space?  Bed Risers create 5.5″ of extra storage height under your bed. They are made of heavy duty plastic and will fit any bed with up to 3″ casters or posts.  Store out-of-season clothes or extra bedding down there.

5. Use Stackable Crates when you move in. They are easy to carry and easy to stack.  Once you are moved and have your stuff unpacked, turn the crates onto their sides and stack them up…they become quick shelves.

For more great dorm space ideas, read Suggestions for the Organized Dorm.

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