Q&A: Divider Drawer for Plastic Containers and Lids

dreamdrawer_kitchen.jpgQuestion: My kitchen is being taken over by plastic containers. I want to create the divider drawer for containers and lids, do you have the plans for that?  Thanks for any help you can give.

Answer:  I have to chuckle a bit when I hear of your plastic container problem.  For years, we had a plastic food storage cabinet that was not unlike the mess you’d find in a teenagers closet – you never know what you’ll find…or what you’ll never see again. Just last month, my husband got so fed up with it that he gave half the containers to the local goodwill.  Do you know, we haven’t missed those containers at all?  How many leftovers could you possibly have to store in the refrigerator?  We still have more plastic containers than we need.  We didn’t even use them all up after Thanksgiving dinner!  So my first suggestion would be to whittle down the collection.

As far as the divider drawer plans you are asking about, I have not seen what you mean. I did a quick search on Google and immediately got bogged down by listings for drawer dividers, cutlery trays and the like.  Are you looking to build an entire drawer with built-in dividers?  I imagine it would be fairly deep to contain multiple container bases of varying size.  I have a couple of deep drawers in my kitchen and am wondering how easy it would be to turn them into divided container drawers.

For a deep drawer, I suggest using 2 or 3 adjustable drawer dividers, such as our Dream Drawer Dividers, to create a tall “wall” in the middle of your drawer.  The spring loaded dividers are easily installed with no hardware and can be rearranged whenever you want – re-adjust them to the sizes of your containers and lids.  Then if you ever have to move, you can take them with you to your next home!

I hope this has helped you – even a small bit.  If you ever do come across those plans for the divider drawer, let me know!



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