Day 9: Easy Battery Storage

Battery Storage ContainersOne thing we always make sure we have a good supply of on Christmas morning is batteries.  So, on the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Battery Storage Containers for the stockpile of batteries that will power up everything under the Christmas tree!  There is a specific container for each size from “AAA” to “D”.  They have a snap-top lid so your batteries won’t go rolling around everywhere getting lost or mixed up with old batteries.

I have always been bad about opening up a fresh package of batteries, taking out what I need and shoving the rest of the package in one of 2 junk drawers in my kitchen (I like to call it “organized junk”). 

The problem comes when someone (teenage son) goes to get new batteries, looks in the drawer and decides they would rather BUY new batteries than take everything out of that drawer to LOOK for them.  So…new batteries are purchased, opened, and the rest of the pack is shoved into the drawer.  Repeat this a few times and you understand the “battery cycle” in my household.

The Battery Storage Containers are really nice because now instead of looking for an open package of batteries when we need them, we look for the battery storage container.  That’s not too difficult because I even changed where I keep them.  I have an overdoor pantry organizer with pockets on the back of the door leading to our basement.  It holds gloves, flashlights, bubbles for the kids, a ratchet screwdriver set, and of course, now it also holds all the batteries.  

Suddenly, everyone knows where to find fresh batteries.  The only problem we have now is keeping them in stock.  Since everyone (teenage son) can find them, they have been replacing all the old batteries in everything!

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