End The Cabinet Chaos!

What is it with kitchen cabinets? Everything you need is either in the back of the deepest, darkest cabinet or too high for you to reach without climbing onto the countertop. The food storage cabinet is a jumbled mess of tops and bottoms. You never can find the spices you need and you don’t know what to make for dinner because you have no idea what you have in the house.

Create a sensible, organized place for everything! You will be able to easily find what you need and retrieve it without any hassle.

We use 20% of our stuff %80 of the time. It only makes sense to have that 20% kept front and center. Store it within arms reach of the space where you’ll use it most. Keep dishes near the sink or dishwasher. Keep pots and pans near the stove. Keep the coffee, sugar bowl and filters near the coffee maker. Make it convenient!

Take a look at these other ways to improve the efficiency of your kitchen and maximize your cabinet storage space:

Use a corner storage shelf in your cabinet to stack different sized plates on top of each other without reducing their accessability. You can also use cabinet shelves to increase storage space for cups or mugs and canned food, too.

Cut back on the number of food storage containers you own. You are NOT going to need 20 containers for leftovers at any one time. Try to have one good set that can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Having several containers of only one or 2 sizes really makes finding a lid easier, too! Nest (or stack) the containers and keep the lids in one place with a lid storage basket attached to an inside cabinet door. Because you are limiting the number of containers you have, you will need each container to have multiple functions. Be sure the containers you choose will work in the freezer, refrigerator and microwave.

Deep base cabinets become immediately accessible when you install roll out drawers. They are available in different sizes and can handle heavy loads. Even those bulky appliances that are seldom used can live in the back of your base cabinets and still be easily retrieved when you need it.

A lazy susan can be used for spices, baby food or cans – all those little things that would normally become buried in the back. You could also line everything up on a stair-stepped cabinet organizer. It keeps items in the back raised higher where they can be seen.

Eliminate the stacks of cookie sheets and muffin tins by storing everything vertically. You’ll easily be able to reach in and grab the item you need without disturbing the rest.

Pots and pans can be pulled out of cabinets and hung on a pot rack suspended from the ceiling. Pot lids can be stored on a lid rack.

Mount what you can to your cabinet doors and use them for additional storage. There are hooks and bins and towel holders that slide right over cabinet doors giving you quick and easy storage space for dish towels, sponges and potholders. You can install a small trash can that hooks or screw mounts on your cabinet door. Use it to catch those potato peelings and other sink scraps. Special cabinet storage racks provide storage for aluminum foil, plastic wrap and more.

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