Get Organized One Drawer At A Time is having a Drawer Organizer Sale this week  from October 22nd to Oct 28th.  If you’ve been putting off getting your drawers in shape, now is your chance to get organized!

Kitchen:  How many drawers do you have in your kitchen that are a mess of tools, flatware and “junk”?  Do you have so much stuff tossed in there that making dinner is a bigger chore than it should be? Get organized!Something as simple as the popular one-piece flatware tray can make all the difference for you. Once you have your flatware straightened out, move on to the cooking utensils and the “miscellaneous” drawers. It’s a quick and painless process and you will love the results!

Do you have narrow drawers? Space Savers has got those covered, too!  Even if you have a non-standard sized drawer, you can easily create a custom look with Perfect Fit drawer organizers.

Organizing Bins:  Customize the organizing power of your drawers with drawer organizing bins!  Various sizes and heights allow you to outfit drawers in your kitchen, dresser or bathroom!

Clothing / Dresser Drawers:  Are you still digging around for that last pair of clean matching socks? Is every shirt you pull out of the drawer covered in wrinkles? Why go through this same routine every morning? Get organized! With garment drawer organizers, socks, lingerie, boxers and shirts can be stored away easily and found quickly when they are needed.  Bathroom/Vanity:  Imagine a world where nail clippers and lipstick tubes live separately from the cotton swabs and tweezers.  Think it’s impossible?  Get organized!  You can use utensil organizers or organizing bins to create the orderly drawer you could only imagine before.

Take ten minutes to organize a drawer today.  You will love the positive impact it has on your life.  If you finish your drawer and want to tackle another, by all means, do it!  Just remember, do it one drawer at a time.  The task remains small.  The goal stays within reach.  You become organized.


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