Get Packing – for Summer Camp

It’s already that time of year – planning for summer camping trips. Whether that’s sending the kids off to a scout or church camp or getting out to a campground for a holiday camping retreat, gathering together all the right equipment and transporting it to your campsite can be a challenge.

Make getting to summer camp easy with our plastic footlocker from Sterilite® – this sturdy wheeled storage unit is large enough to carry all your camping necessities from sleeping bags to lanterns, food and clothing. Built in handles make it easy to maneuver along the way, too. Once you arrive at your destination, keep it at the end of your camp bunk for easy access or slide it underneath and out of the way. The footlocker also makes a great travel companion, at 31.125” Long x 17.5” Wide x 13.875” High it fits most airline dimension requirements for checked luggage.

Want to add extra function to your footlocker? Add a cargo carry-all to create separate storage compartments for camping tools, clothing, bedding, lanterns, etc.. When your carrier isn’t in use with your footlocker it works great for containing groceries or sports equipment in the trunk of your car or cargo area of your van or SUV – attachment tabs on the bottom help secure the unit in place. Use one, two, or all three expandable compartments to fit the space you have available on each trip.

navy canvas duffleIf you prefer a soft-sided solution that can double as a pillow on long drives consider a classic duffel bag. Our favorite canvas duffle is just $9.99 and features an exterior zip pocket, click lock drawstring closure and a heavy duty mesh strap long enough to slip over your shoulder for easy carrying. The navy blue and white combo is a classic that can be used over and over for years of summer camp and then through college days for those weekly trips to the Laundromat.

Weather stationIs it a great day for a hike or should you plan to stay in and play checkers with the kids or enjoy a cup of tea and a good book? Don’t let the weather catch you unaware – whether your preparing for your day at home or you’re waking up in a tent in a remote location, make use of our battery operated weather forecast station and know what to expect at a glance with full color animated graphs. Units include an atomic time and date system so you won’t get out of sync with the rest of the world even if you’re far away from most technology.

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