2011 Organizing Guide: Pack up the Holidays

The new year is a perfect time to resolve to conquer clutter. A satisfying first step is to de-clutter your home is to tackle holiday storage spaces right now. Take the opportunity to sort through your decorations and holiday trappings while they’re visible. Choose what items to keep or donate, then discard or recycle damaged items and old broken boxes and packaging now.

Ask yourself: “Do you love it?  Do you need it?  Did you forget you even had it?” and choose whether it goes back into your storage space accordingly.

Next, pick the right storage solution for each item you plan to keep. When you pick the right container for each item you can protect your family heirlooms from breakage, dust, and water damage. Utilizing the right size and shape for your storage also allows you to eliminate extra packaging and padding materials that take up valuable space.
Pick custom containters for China & StemwareOrnamentsPhotographs & MediaWreathsTrees and LightsGift WrapCards, and use clear or opaque totes for larger home decor items.

When it’s time to put your streamlined collection away, rigid stackable containers help make the most of your closet, attic or garage storage space. With color-coded storage it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when you’re ready to bring your holiday items out for decorating next year.

Once everything is put away take a step back and take a look at your organized space.  Doesn’t that feel good?  You’re well on your way to an organized home in 2011!

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