Give Winter the Boot: Storage and Cleaning Tips

3851446690_53e81f018cWinter boots are chic and cute, but keeping them looking nice all winter takes some preparation and care.

1. Keep Them Clean
Suede or leather boots are the perfect combination of cozy and chic, a must-have for cooler-weather style. However, road salt, slush, and dirt can quickly collect on these types of surfaces if you don’t care for them properly.

BEFORE: Use boot oil or polish on your leather boots and a spray protector on your suede boots before you subject them to winter weather (be sure to spot test before covering your boots with oil, polish or spray). This will create a barrier to keep salt and dirt from sinking into the suede or leather on your boots. It’s a good idea to reapply oil, polish or spray regularly to keep your boots looking shiny and new.

DURING: Brush your boots with a soft brush to gently knock away any salt or dried mud that has caked on your boots. Doing so will prevent staining and will help keep the leather or suede from deteriorating.

AFTER: Despite taking care and proper preparations, salts can still stain suede and leather fabrics. A couple of options to try: gently wipe them with baby wipes, or a soap/water or a vinegar/water solution. The key is to spot test a small area first to avoid further staining.


Six-pair stackable boot storage, $52.99

2. Proper Storage
Long boots are all the rage, but it’s no surprise that they can be difficult to store. If you try to store them standing them up, they flop over, creating unflattering creases in the material and leaving them subject to mud, snow and dirt on the floor. Try a boot storage organizer to help save your winter boots from damage indoors. Boot storage organizers maintain the shape of your boots by standing them upside-down or right-side-up as they dry.

3. For the Off-Season

3-pair storage rack, $12.99

Three-pair storage rack, $12.99

Boot storage racks come in handy long after winter is over. Instead of shoving your winter boots into a box under the bed, simply move your boot storage rack to your closet, basement or other storage area. Keeping them on the boot storage rack will save them from getting damaged or misplaced during the warmer months. With a boot storage rack, you’ll be ready to go next winter- just pull the rack out and reapply your suede or leather protectant to each pair.

With proper cleaning and storage, your winter boots can last for several years. Save yourself some money by investing in boot cleaning materials and a proper boot storage rack to make sure your favorite pairs look shiny and new all winter.

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