Have an old kitchen? There's hope…

Confession:  I have an old kitchen.  Maybe you have one too.  The good news is that we can fix most of our cabinet  problems with some nifty tools from Space Savers.

1.  Lazy Susans/Carousels – These have really improved since the our moms’ generation.  My personal favorite foturntabler small items (spices, baking supplies, etc.) is the double decker, stainless version (http://www.spacesavers.com/ststdotu.html).  It is sturdy, looks really sleek and it is easy to clean. 

Also, take a look at the very pretty Linus acrylic varieties just recently added to the SS website.   

2.  Baskets – These are such great organizing tools–there really isn’t a room that they can’t work in.  My most frequent uses for baskets in the kitchen are for those items that are difficult to contain because of their packaging (rice, beans), or for those items that you use infrequently, and can stick into one of those dark corners until the rare times you need them (cake decorating supplies, cookie cutters).  http://www.spacesavers.com/iris-mesh-basket-small-black.html

I use two of the larger size of this basket as a cargo organizer in my SUV.

3.  Acrylic containers – If you haven’t tried out the OXO POP containers, you have GOT to try them.  http://www.spacesavers.com/oxo-pop-0-9.html  I discovered them about 5 months ago, and put them to use in my cupboards for storing dry goods such as flour, sugar and rice.  Everybody that sees them and uses them absolutely loves them.  Even my husband (a non-organizer) commented on easy they are to use and the solid quality of them.  These are especially good for folks dealing with arthritis or other kinds of joint pain, in that they are really easy to open and close, but still keep foods airtight. 

They stack beautifully and take labels well.  I also can testify from personal experience that these will take a beating without breaking.  (My 4 year old son tested that out for me a couple of months ago.)

Hope these ideas can give you some hope that you can have a functional, enjoyable old kitchen, and for a lot less money than that full remodelling project! 

My name is Lori Fowler, and I am a professional home organizer working in the Winston-Salem area.  If you would like help with getting your home organized and enjoyable again, please contact me at ducksinarownc@earthlink.net, or at 336-978-6211.


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