Day 5: Honey, I Shrunk The Clothes!

Space Bag Value PackI have had plenty of wool sweaters and “dry clean only” items go into the wash and come out of the entire laundry cycle much to short, too tight, or just plain tiny – more appropriate for my kids and their teddy bears than for me.  I think my husband was just trying to get out of doing a lot of the laundry.  It worked. 

He checks the tags now and if a garment says “hand wash” or “dry clean only”, it goes into a pile to wait for me.  But, now it’s MY turn to shrink the clothes!  (And the bedding, towels and whatever else I can reduce)

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love ( that’s my clothes shrinking husband) gave to me…a Space Bag Value Pack!  This pack includes 5 bags with zip closures and a patented one-way valve.  Simply place your items in the bag, zip it closed and use the hose attachment on your vacuum to suck the air out through the one way valve.  Your items will shrink down to about one third their original size.

You get 2 medium Space Bags, 2 large Space Bags and one extra large Space Bag.

Space Bags are easy to use.  Even young children can help out!

Space Savers offers Space Bags in many different styles, including vac or roll, travel, underbed, hanging and more.

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