January Giveaways + How to Use Pinterest to #GetOrganized

Have you lost yourself in Pinterest yet? Our team definitely has. We love it for the fact that you can create a clutter-free imagination board or reminder board for yourself—no paper mess, access it from anywhere that you have internet, and you can get inspired by people with similar tastes. So, why not aid your Pinterest addiction and add a little fun to it? With the holidays behind us and resolutions in full force, we want to help our fellow Pinterest lovers make their home organization ideas come to life. Here’s the deal…

All this month we will be randomly selecting projects/ideas/products pinned. For a few, that item will be showing up on your doorstep (lucky you). All it takes is pinning an item from SpaceSavers.com or an organization idea using something similar to an item we carry.

To make sure we know what you’ve pinned, leave a comment here with the link to your board/pins or on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/SpaceSavers.

Winners will be posted in the comments on this page, plus we’ll contact you through Pinterest to get the address to send your organizing product(s). The more you, pin the higher your chances of winning.

Think of it as a kick start to your organization projects. Let’s stop dreaming about getting organized and start doing (with a little help from your organization & storage friends at SpaceSavers).

Good luck and happy pinning!

Oh, and if you haven’t yet been invited or you can’t figure out how to use Pinterest, we’ve got you covered with this tutorial…

How to Use Pinterest (and get an invite)

If you aren’t a Pinterest user yet (and we do mean yet) here’s how to get started and use Pinterest.

1. Get Invited to Pinterest. This is an invite only party, but don’t worry—we can help you out. Email jen@spacesavers.com with a current email address that you use, and we’ll send you an invite.

2. Create your Pinterest Account.

Create a Pinterest AccountYou’ll be asked to tie your account to either a Facebook or Twitter account—you can turn this off later if you want.

Then they’ll help you choose some things that interest you so you have content in your account right away—you can turn these off later if you want as well.

Tip: If you want to get more followers back, pin items before you start following people. You want to show them the types of things you’ll be pinning to pique their interest from the get go.

Choose your Pinterest interests

3. Create a board(s). Make a board about ideas for organizing your home or creative ways to use every day items (or wedding ideas, outfits, recipes, decor—run with it). You can type over the suggested board names in the text boxes, or add your own to the list.  Use the little “x” in the upper right corner of the pre-filled ones to delete any that don’t work for you.

Tip: The wittier the name, the more creativity points for you from your high school English teacher.

Create your Pinterest boards

4. Add the “Pin It” button to your browser to easily “pin” pictures while you gallivant across the web.

Add the Pinterest button to your toolbarTo add the button at this step, drag the white “Pin It” button on the tutorial page onto your bookmarks bar on the web browser—that’s all it takes.

5. Get to Pinning. When you’re on any web page where there’s something you want to pin, hit the pin it button in your tool bar. A screen will pop up with all the images on the page. Hover over the one you want and click the blue “Pin it” button that appears. A window will pop up to let you pick the board that you want to pin it to, and allow you to enter comments about the picture including hashtags (like the #getorganized tag for our contest).

You can also upload images manually. Inside Pinterest use the “Add +” button at the top of the page, click that and choose “Add a Pin.” Enter the URL (web address) of the page you were looking at or upload one from your computer (be sure to keep the interwebz happy and include the original source in the description if you can).

“Re-pinning” is also a way to snag something for your own board that someone you follow has pinned. Remember, the site is meant to be social—chat it up in the comments section on other pins or repin and add your own twist to the description.

6. Play with it. Find things across the internet that might work for your organizing projects, including pictures of spaces that inspire you, and pin them to your board. You can go on a focused search if you’re ready to tackle a room right now and pin everything you might like, then come back to your board and winnow it down to what you really need and what fits in your budget. Or, you can plan a long term project and pin things whenever you’re online looking around (think of it as window shopping on a lazy day). Then, when you’re ready to tackle that project, all your inspiration is in one place.

That’s it. Easy peasy, right? There’s definitely more little odds and ends. If you have questions, comment and we’ll do our best to our best to answer.

Cheers to getting organized in 2012!


Kitchen Organization - Dream Drawer DividersMegan won 2 sets of Dream Drawer Dividers – her Pinterest comment: “Finally, something that would work in our super narrow drawers!” Check out her board: http://pinterest.com/meganyork/organization/


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