Kitchen Organizing Tips

Wall Mountable Food Storage

What do you use your kitchen for? Of course there is the usual family cooking of the family meals, but then there is the entertaining and the after-school snacks. Kitchens across the country have become homework centers, message central, THE place where the family congregates. With so much going on in the kitchen these days, it’s a necessity to keep things in there orderly. We can help!

Get rid of things you don’t need. If the product says “Best by Feb 2008” toss it! You’re not REALLY sure how long things last past their “best by” date and you can’t always tell by the smell. Then, too, if you haven’t used the product in a couple months, toss it out too! Why have something you’re not using sit around taking up space?

Store those small appliances. Kitchen carts are great for storing small kitchen appliances. They are kept out of the way and the storage cart top can be used as extra workspace when you need it.

Create a specialized workstation. Kitchen carts can also be used for this purpose. If you do alot of baking, keep your mixer, mixing bowls, rolling pin and pastry mat on the storage cart. When you’re ready to bake, everything you need right at hand and ready for you.

Mobile Craft Center. If you have children, consider keeping a rolling cart handy to hold crayons, markers, coloring books and paper…even play-doh. When the kids are ready to use it, pull out the entire drawer and carry it over to the table. When it’s time to clean up, everything goes back into the drawer and slides right into place on the cart.

Hang it up! Free up counter space by investing in wall-mountable, under-cabinet mountable, or magnetic items. Spice racks, coffee makers, food storage containers, can openers, paper towel holders and even microwaves are being made in wall-mount or under-cabinet mountable models. Use your stove or refigerator for adhesive or magnetic storage for towels, pens, spices, and more!

Nest items together. Many pots, bowls, and bakeware are now being made to nest easily inside each other to reduce the amount of storage space needed.

Make the most of your cabinets! Without organization, kitchen cabinets can quickly become clutter havens. Get some sliding cabinet drawers and reclaim that space! Sliding Cabinet Drawers are made specifically for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They come in single and double tiered models and are perfect for base cabinets! Now you can find what’s you’re looking for!

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