One of my favorite organizing tools are baskets.  They are pretty, can be used in nearly any room, and in many cases, are environmentally friendly.  Labelling them can be tricky however.  Try this the next time:  Make your series of labels on your home computer and print, either just the word in a large, bold font (for a linen closet or office) or a picture of the item to be stored (in the case of a child’s room) along with the word.  Be sure to leave at least 1/1 – 1 inch around the perimeter of each one.  Then take the sheet to your local big box office supply store and have it laminated. 

Back home, using a sharp pair of scissors,carefully trim around each label and make holes on each side with a hole punch.  Then fasten to the basket with some grosgrain ribbon woven through the basket material and threaded through the holes, and finish with a bow.  You will have fun, unique labels that are also durable! 

My name is Lori Fowler, and I am a professional organizer working in the Winston-Salem area.  If you would like help in getting your home organized, please contact me at 336-978-6211, or at

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