Laundry Renovations?

I can’t believe I’m even considering it, but my laundry room needs a MAJOR overhaul!  I shouldn’t even call it a room…maybe a large closet?  You open the two bi-fold doors and come face to face with the washer and dryer – the two hardest working machines in the house.  Well, they are if you don’t count me or my computer 😉

This area catches the overflow from my kitchen.  People are usually amazed by how much stuff I can cram into a small space.  My mom used to have me rearrange the refrigerator every Thanksgiving so we would have room for the surplus of food.  I guess it was good practice because my laundry room holds the the surplus of STUFF.  Wrapping paper, craft items, the hamper (of course I need to have a place for laundry in there), the ironing board, cleaners, and even some fabric remnants I hope to be able to use some day.  Add to this all the other miscellaneous stuff I keep in there – easter baskets, laundry accessories, detergent, mop, brooms, dust pans, ice cream maker, cake pans, etc.  It’s pretty ridiculous! 

I know where everything is.  It’s like a person with a really messy desk.  They have their “system”.  The problem is, It’s a pain to GET TO some of the stuff in that room!

Above the washer and dryer are built in shelves that reach up to the ceiling.  The shelves are sectioned into cubbies about 15 inches wide and 11 inches deep.  12 cubbies in all, each about 11-12 inches high or so.  Then there are larger cubbies to the right – still about the same width and depth, but they are about 24 inches high.  None of the shelves are adjustable.

I’m not going to tear out shelves.  I’d have to replace them but that would cost money.  I’ll buy shelves for some other room of the house…like the upstairs hall that is buried in stacks of books. 

I have a budget for the laundry room and that budget is preferably $0.  Realistically, more like $200.  But even that low figure would make my husband choke.  $200 for a LAUNDRY ROOM?  He’d rather spend it on a weekend at a B&B.  I’D rather spend it on a weekend at a B&B but I have to LIVE in the same house as the laundry room.  Besides, this will be done so gradually, he probably won’t even notice…

For now, step #1 is to declutter…I’ll tell you how that goes in a future post…

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