Make The Most Of Your Dorm Room

Space Savers is here to help you check off your list. Our Dorm Organizers section is packed with smart storage solutions that will get you back to school organized and ready to go.

It’s all about space…

Shelves – Must have. If your dorm is short on shelving, we have the just the right shelf for the job.

The Wooden Folding Bookcase is versatile and attractive. Portability allows for easy transportation when moving. Perfect for book storage but be sure to reserve a shelf for one of our seagrass bookcase baskets. Storage baskets are great catch alls for cell phones, mp3 players, calculators and miscellaneous supplies.

The Chrome Stacking Shelf doubles as a printer stand with room for a PC tower, paper and media. Chrome finish and 2 adjustable shelves.

Our Three Shelf Unit from Sterilite/a> is long lasting, practical and features easy no tool assembly. Organize your printer, PC tower, books and more. Each shelf holds 50 lbs. Check out the 4 Drawer Storage Unit from Sterilte. A matching companion and storage solution for clothing, towels or linens.

If you have a 90 degrees corner take advantage of the space with our Corner Shelf. Holds smaller items and requires no tools or hardware for easy installation.

No room for a nightstand? Our Mini Mantle will keep your alarm clock nearby and hold your drink or other items while you study in bed.

See our Dorm Section for other great Dorm shelving solutions!

Closet and Drawer Storage – Must have. These are 2 key areas where every inch of space should be utilized for maximum storage and accessibility.

Bed Riser Blocks add instant storage to any room with a bed. Combine with see through storage containers from Sterilite/a> and your dorm storage has increased dramatically.

For a durable set of drawers check out the 4 Drawer Storage Unit from Sterilite/a>. The 3 Shelf Unit may be stacked on top for lots of great, durable storage space.

Closet Stackers are great storage units that will maximize space under hanging clothes in the closet.

Double your closet hanging space with our Double Hang Closet. It’s a dorm must have!

Can’t leave home without your shoe collection? The 9 Pair Convertible shoe rack stores shoes under short or long clothing in the closet.

The versatile wood shoe shelf can be used for many things and it’s stackable

Our Clear 18-Pocket Hanging Shoe File can be hung in the closet or on a door hook. Store shoes, socks, scarves, gloves and even snacks! Versatile storage is the key!

Bath Accessories – Must have. Shower space and time is limited. Save both with our dorm bath organizers.

The dorm basket or shower caddy is an absolute must. Girls…the larger the better. Be sure to choose one large enough to carry all of your shower accessories.Space Savers carries a wide variety of dorm boxes from black or white to limon or magenta. Don’t forget to take shower shoes!

Ladies, save precious morning time by organizing your beauty routine. Our Blow Away Hair Caddy can be mounted next to your mirror. Store hair dryer, brushes and accessories in one convenient space.

Our Vanity Organizer contains 5 compartments and can double as a desktop organizer.

Store cosmetics with our Cosmetic Stax make-up organizers. Neatly separates cosmetics from other items keeping them damage free and quick to locate.

Use space behind a door to hang bath towels. The 4 Arm Hinge It Rack is easy to install for an instant towel rack.

Desk Organizers – Must have. Don’t waste time searching for papers or items before class. Organizing your work area will be the first step to success!

A great way to store letter size paper, documents or supplies is our 3 Drawer organizer from Sterilite/a>.

Acrylic stacking bins are a great way to store supplies and keep them within reach. Stacking bins come in 3 sizes: small bins for sticky notes and clips, medium bins for CD cases and large bins for miscellaneous supplies.

The Cool Lift Laptop Stand promotes airflow and comfort to you and your laptop during those long hours of use.

Mini Clothespin Memo Clips are a fun and colorful alternative to paper clips.

Organize your papers and notes by subject in our file box from Sterilite/a>. Tuck away under desk when not in use.

No workspace is complete without a waste basket. Why not go 3d Holographic? Space Savers has 5 styles from colorful to cool to choose from: green circles, blue water drops, orange squares, 3D letters and silver bubbles.

Media Storage – Must have. Choose your favorite CDs and games to take along with you for entertainment.

If limiting your CD collection is not an option then our 48 disc binder is the CD storage solution for you.

Stacking CD racks are perfect for storing CDs on the shelf or desk.

The small Show Off Tote from Sterilite/a> stores CDs visibly while keeping them safe from spills and other mishaps.

Don’t forget to pack a CD cloth and a screen cloth to keep your media and computer screen clean and scratch free.

Miscellaneous Dorm Items – Would like to have.

No dorm space should be without a rug. Set your dorm space apart from the others with a really cool bamboo rug! Our bamboo rugs come in 11 exciting colors or if you prefer a print we offer silk screen printed bamboo rugs in six patterns.

Awake in the morning like a prince or princess to the sound of wind chimes. The Wind Chime Alarm Clock is a nice alternative to a blaring alarm or radio.

Cool off that stuffy little space with a clip on personal fan or our portable Tiny Tornado Fan.

Keep paper towels on hand with a magnetic paper towel holder. Strong magnets attach holder to metal surface.

Organization is one of the first steps to success! How can we help you Organize?

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