Making Strange Spaces Usable

Is there ever really enough storage space in our homes? You know from reading my posts that I am a strong believer in purging what I don’t need out of my house, but even so, I am still at times frustrated that my wonderful but old home doesn’t have adequate space dedicated for storage.

So what is a girl who wants to keep a neat, uncluttered home to do? Be creative! In this and additional future posts I want to share some ways that I have uncovered hidden storage potential in my own home and in those of clients.

Hanging shelves can go almost anywhere–they are easy to install and can be sized to fit any space. I have a back corner of my garage that has always been a bit of a dead spot. Yard tools and assorted other hardware would gather there, along with the standard dead leaves, grass clippings and live spiders. This summer, I relocated the tools to a new location off the floor, swept the spiders outside, and hung adjustable shelf wall standards and brackets. Then I drafted my husband to saw up some old particle board for shelving. I painted the shelves with durable cream trim paint, and am now using this spot for storing car wash supplies, car ramps, the chain saw and gasoline cans. This gets the stuff off the floor, and in a location where it is out of the way until we need it. It looks fabulous too!

Because the shelves are adjustable, I can repurpose them easily for other uses later. I can even add extra shelving if needed. The whole system only required 9 small drill holes in the wall behind it. In total, I gained 16 linear feet of shelf space.

I wonder if the spiders are happy in their new homes? :-)

My name is Lori Fowler, and I am a professional home organizer working in the Winston-Salem area. If you would like help in getting rid of your clutter and preparing your home for the holidays, please call me at 978-6211, or at I would be pleased to talk with you.

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