Media Storage Cabinet Organization – Before & After

Before and After ProjectAs more and more entertainment is available digitally, I keep thinking I’m going to free up space in my home by getting rid of all of my DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CDs. But, alas, I keep hanging on to these (almost) extinct forms of media, and I still need a place to store them.

My media storage cabinet (like many other storage areas in my house) has become something of a catch-all. It’s acceptable to store the movies, music, and video games in the cabinet, that’s what it’s for. However, many other items had made their way into the cabinet under the tv.. I suspect this happened when my husband or I was picking up the living room quickly, possibly before company came over, and that was the closest place to “hide” whatever didn’t have a home. This led to the movies and games (you know, the stuff that’s supposed to be in there) being stacked in random piles on top of other random piles, threatening to collapse at any moment.

Media cabinet messsSo the first step in my media cabinet organization was to determine which things actually belonged there, and which things needed to find a new place to live. I removed several pieces of packaging from the cabinet that needed to be thrown out.

Speaking of which, why in the world to Wii remotes come with so much paperwork? Put in a battery, turn it on. Done and done. When I think of products that need multi-page users manuals, video game controllers do not come to mind. But, I digress. Back to the organization.

I also removed a couple small pieces of “As Seen on TV” exercise equipment that didn’t belong in the cabinet, but had been thrown in next to the exercise videos themselves. So once I had a stack of things to toss, relocate, or donate/give away/sell, I took a look at the rest of the cabinet. I had 22 DVDs and three VHS tapes (Yikes! Why do I keep these things?) that needed a place to live. I chose the IRIS Small Media Storage Box to hold my DVDs and tapes. I love the media storage box because it’s see-through, and there’s a lid so I can stack them if I want. It fits perfectly in the space I have available, and it really does hold a lot of items, even though it looks small.

Cord clip organizerNext up: tackling the cords. If I had my way, everything in this world would be cordless. No more tangled mess of unattractive cords to look at. Unfortunately, our electronics have cords, and we have a lot of electronics. Which means, we have a lot of cords. Again, I had to make sure that every cord needed to be there, and relocate the unneeded ones. I was able to remove the phone cord that was plugged into the TV, as we recently decided to get rid of our home phone. I also found a random cord that wasn’t plugged into anything, so I was happy to get that out of the mix. That still left me with quite a few tangled cords. I used four Cord Clipsters to tame the cords, and it looks much better now.

Before and after media storage cabinet organization

I’m really happy with my new, organized media cabinet. And, as a bonus, when I was organizing the movies and games, I discovered things I forgot I had. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie night with the “new” movies I found!

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