Mesh Sweater Laundry Bag – for more than just sweaters…

282.jpgI was reading the June issue of Pilates Style Magazine and saw one of the Space Savers products in there – the Mesh Sweater Laundry Bag by Bajer.  I have several of these bags myself and love to use them.  The magazine suggests keeping one of these bags in your gym bag to hold your gym clothes after a workout.  Then you can toss the whole thing into the wash when you get home.  Not a bad idea.  A very good idea, in fact.  That got me thinking of more ways to use this…

It is called a “sweater bag” but that doesn’t mean use it for just sweaters. 

  • Use this bag for delicates or more lace trimmed clothes and lingerie.
  • For you moms out there, separate your kids socks with the bag.  One bag for each child.  The socks won’t disappear to sock land and you won’t have to deal with the headache of sorting through all the socks after they come out of the dryer.
  • Use it on trips to the beach or the pool to keep the wet clothes together – you will need a plastic bag to hold the whole thing until you can get home and toss in the wash.
  • Adding to the tip from Pilates Style Magazine, why not have the kids take one in their backpack for gym clothes?
  • Keep golf balls in one so they’re not rolling around everywhere.
  • Markers are great when they are contained in one of these bags.  They don’t fall through, the bag is flexible (and won’t break if dropped), and the kids can easily see the color they want.

What are some more uses for this bag?  I know there are plenty.  Tell us what you use it for!

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