Movie Night Has Moved To The Living Room

popcorn-web.jpgMore and more frequently, people are discarding their weekends at the movie theatre in favor of a DVD rental, movie channels or streaming video.

Why? One of the big reasons is you can pop a huge bowl of popcorn and enjoy a movie in the comfort and privacy of your own home for the fraction of the cost of a trip to the movies.

Know what else is moving back home? Dinner time! If your family goes out and spends just $15 on fast food twice a week, you’re spending over $1500 a year! Cut out just one of those weekly meals and you’re saving some big change!

Save even more money by bringing your lunch to work. Pack up your leftovers or fix up a salad and sandwich. Toss it in a lunch bag and go! Chances are, you’ll be eating healthier foods and you could be saving as much as $2000 a year.

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